Friday, August 1, 2014


Sorry I haven't been around much, the laptop doesn't fit on my pregnant belly anymore so I have finally set up a little computer corner in my sitting room to hopefully pop in a little bit more often. I had a nice peaceful Ramadan alhamdulillah , saddened by the news from Palestine and therefor didn't really feel like blogging about my life but Ive been cheered up with a visit from my family in Iceland who came to stay for a little holiday, showering me with love and help and gifts. It was nice spending a quiet Eid with them and watching my children trying to improve their Icelandic. Now Im preparing for the birth , washing baby clothes and blankets and waiting for any day now. Inshallah I will have some news soon, hope you are all enjoying your summer and thanks for still stopping by.

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  1. A lovely update. I bet it was wonderful to have family visit and take care of your needs. A late Eid Mubarak to you and yours :)
    Always love to read about your days.


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