Sunday, September 1, 2013


cleaning cleaning cleaning it never ends, sometimes I need some extra motivation and this month I decided to print out this schedule I found over here to change things up a bit, I like to follow different routines and try different things. My all time favourite cleaning products are Ecover but this month I'm going to try out some new "green" products. I've tried to make my own everyday solution and I like to sometimes add essential oils to washes or in the hoover etc to spice up the cleaning a bit...still have to force myself to get it done though most days. How do you all do it ? Follow routines or not? Have any favourite products or tools? ( If any of you are as motivated as this one your welcome to come over and help me.)

(oh and here is another little printout for the laundry room, if you have any links to share please do )


  1. I hate cleaning....but has to be done...I must admit I use conventional chemically loaded day....and I don't have much of a schedule, just do it...

  2. that's amazingly organised!! I hate cleaning too... probably because there's always so much of it needing to be done and then the kids just follow you around undoing it all!!


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