Wednesday, August 7, 2013

leftover photos!

 1. Boureks , hubby requested these every day in Ramadan. (what are your favourite fillings?)
 2. Iftar , Haricots Poulet with some oven potatoes and salad.
 3. Iftar again, chorba , bourek, chicken salad, pepper salad.
 4. A sweet surprise from hubby
 5. Playing on Instagram while waiting in a hot car.
 6. Ironing ( I seem to do more of that in Ramadan)
 7. Another Iftar bourek salad and Indian chicken with basmati rice and yogurt sauce.
 8. Started making Eid cakes, first 2 done.
 9. Another Iftar Chorba , bourek , chicken salad, pepper salad and yes Kisra (sort of)

Not sure if to do these leftover photos with explanaitions or not? ( I tried Ines ;)


  1. your boureks are very fave are fishy know something? I've never actually eaten a macarroon in my life!!! as always love your pics

  2. better not to start Ines lol...


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