Saturday, October 27, 2012

Don't laugh

Eid Mubarak to all of you who celebrate. Don't laugh but this is my first ever plate of cakes that I give away during Eid. In my husbands country it is a tradition that the women give each other small plates full of little cakes and that way you end up with a wide varity of cakes to enjoy and offer your guest even though you just baked a few (plus a cupboard full of mismatched plates , wich I love)
I've always just invited people over for coffee and cakes and sent them home empty handed or been a guest travelling, but always receiving their beautiful cakes. (some of them are little pieces of art)  I think its a wonderful tradition, I grew up with helping my mum make big batches of small cookies before every christmas so its already a festive thing for me but to swap around is just genius. I know mine don't look quite as beautiful as the once I received but I wanted to put it up on my blog anyway so Inshallah I can look back in a few years and see some progress Inshallah.
(and if you have any good recepies to share I would love to try, I have to practise before next Eid Inshallah)

                                                                      (the ones I received)


  1. Nice ma sha Allah! I think it's nice to swap your own traditional cakes or biscuits with others traditional cakes and biscuits. I don't think I will be making Algerian cakes in Algeria :)

    Eid mubarak!!!

  2. oh I would love to win some of your sweet cookies:) what a lovely idea:)
    but just would miss the part of drinking coffee together..:)
    wishing you a blessed Eid! taqabala Allahu mina wa minkum!

  3. mashallah... the cakes look great, I have to say though that I would rather have a plate of your homemade cookies mashallah! they look yummy! and look a lot like the ones we make at home...for me there is nothing more homely!


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