Friday, July 6, 2012

to improve





  1. I love adding a bit of lemon to my water. And lately Ive been adding apple cider vinegar. Not for the flavour, but for it's weight loss properties and Ive gotten so used to it that it tastes fine! But I love the cranberry idea! Can't get it that easily here though :(

  2. thanks for the idea! Ive been trying to take apple cider vinegar with honey but havent got used to that yet!

  3. Loved to see how motivated you are and the progress you are making, I like the idea of writing down what you´ve done maybe I should do the same instead of writing down what I´m going to do. Thanks for all the tips - I´m trying a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in my water now also - I getting used to the taste and am just finding it refreshing nowdays. It´s holiday month - I´ve been out and about and all routines are up in the air. It´s ok - all too soon it will be winter again.


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